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A Silken Spell – The Secret of the Fairy Paths

Release Date: 06. January 2022

As a hunted half-fae, Niamh is used to living in the shadows of Scotland. With the help of her magical silken web, which makes her invisible, she has managed to remain hidden for years. Until Niamh meets the mysterious Keith, who strangely is able to see her. Keith could hand her over to the Fae clans, but he has other plans: Niamh’s extraordinary ability could finally bring him closer to the legendary Fairy Paths …

Book only available in German

Fan Art:

Niamh and Móra, drawn by Litzebitz

Keith, drawn by Litzebitz

Aileen and Tara, drawn by Ricarda Führer and Litzebitz

Móra, drawn by Geisterling

Niamh, drawn by Belistift