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Foxfire – Night of Demons

Japanese myths, demonic Yōkai and a girl who was never supposed to have a future

Like all of Japan’s firstborn, Sayu knows that the demonic Yōkai will come for her. But then her little sister Eri is kidnapped instead of her. Now, Sayu fights the Yōkai alongside the mysterious Ryo at night, whilst enduring her difficult school life with the charming Miari during the day. But battling the Yokai has its price, and soon she must decide: will she save her sister and die or build the future she never had?

Release Date: 23. January 2023

This German novel ranked third in the New Writing Talent Award by Piper and Buchszene

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Fan Art:

Mirai, drawn by MonaFinden

Sayu, drawn by MonaFinden

Ryo, drawn by MonaFinden

Tatarigami, drawn by MisakiDestiny

Ame Onna, drawn by MisakiDestiny

Talismans and prayer ribbons drawn by Milena Spiegel

Several Yokai, drawn by MisakiDestiny